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Gatorade Mixing Spoons Gatorade Mixing Spoons

$4.50 per Mixing Spoon.

Gatorade Measuring Scoops Gatorade Measuring Scoops

$4.95 / 3-Piece Scoop Kit

Gatorade Towels Gatorade Towel

$9.95 per Towel.

Gatorade Cooler Spigots Fast-Flow Spigot

$9.95 per Spigot.

Gatorade Concentrate Pump 4 Packs Liquid Concentrate Pumps - 4 Pack

$13.95 / 4 pumps per 4-Pack.

Gatorade Towel 3 Packs Gatorade Towels - 3-Pack

$27.95 / 3 towels per 3-Pack.

Gatorade Concentrate Dispenser Racks Liquid Concentrate Dispenser Rack

$44.95 per Dispenser Rack.


Gatorade Accessories

In addition to Gatorade coolers, cups & sports bottles, Powder Mix Direct stocks a complete line of Gatorade accessories. From measuring scoops to mixing spoons, these items are designed to save both time and money by making the mixing and dispensing process as easy as possible.

Gatorade Scoops

Our Gatorade measuring scoops are new for 2019 and are exclusive to Powder Mix Direct. If you’re interested in purchasing Gatorade powder in bulk and mixing up single servings, than these scoops are a must have. Each 3-Piece Scoop Kit includes a small, medium and large scoop. The small scoop is designed for making 16 oz servings, the medium scoop is designed for making 20 oz servings and the large scoop is designed for making 32 oz servings.

Gatorade Spoons

Official Gatorade mixing spoons are designed for use with our 3-gallon, 5-gallon, 7-gallon and 10-gallon coolers. They feature a 2-piece construction for easy storage, and are long enough to reach the bottom of the cooler while keeping your hands dry.

Gatorade Towels

Our official Gatorade towels are the ones seen on sidelines everywhere. They’re 24” x 42” in size and feature 100% cotton construction. Emblazoned with the Gatorade logo, these towels are perfect for wiping the sweat away on those extra hot days. Purchase a single towel or buy a 3-pack and save.

Gatorade Concentrate Pumps

These pumps are designed to work with 1-gallon bottles of Gatorade liquid concentrate. Dispense 1 pump of concentrate into a cup and add 5 oz of water to make 6 oz of Gatorade. Dispense 2 pumps of concentrate into a cup and add 10 oz of water to make 12 oz of Gatorade. Purchase a single pump or buy a 4-pack and save.

Gatorade Concentrate Dispenser Racks

Gatorade dispenser racks allow for easy transportation of two 1-gallon bottles of Gatorade liquid concentrate. They’ll keep your hydration station organized, and with instructions clearly printed on the front, your team will always know the proper amount of concentrate to add to their water. Each dispenser rack comes with two concentrate pumps.

Spigots for Gatorade Coolers

These fast-flow spigots are the same as the original ones that come standard with our official Gatorade coolers. They’re easy to install and their seals keep your cooler leak-free. If your spigot isn’t working like it used to, we can get a new one on its way.

Gatorade Truck Brackets for Gatorade Coolers

If you’re putting your Gatorade cooler on a vehicle, these truck brackets will keep it from it from sliding around. They’re designed to work with our 3-gallon, 5-gallon, 7-gallon and 10-gallon Gatorade coolers.

Powder Mix Direct is your one stop shop for Gatorade powder mixes, concentrates, equipment & more!