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Gatorade 1-Gallon Cooler 1-Gallon Gatorade Cooler

$14.95 per 1-Gallon Cooler.

Gatorade 3-Gallon Cooler 3-Gallon Gatorade Cooler

$49.95 per 3-Gallon Cooler.

Gatorade 48-Quart Ice Chest 48-Quart Gatorade Ice Chest

$49.95 per 48-Quart Ice Chest.

Gatorade 5-Gallon Cooler 5-Gallon Gatorade Cooler

$69.95 per 5-Gallon Cooler.

Gatorade 7-Gallon Cooler 7-Gallon Gatorade Cooler

$79.95 per 7-Gallon Cooler.

Gatorade 10-Gallon Cooler 10-Gallon Gatorade Cooler

$89.95 per 10-Gallon Cooler.


Gatorade Coolers & Ice Chests

Large orange Coolers & Ice Chests have become synonymous with Gatorade. Seen on the sidelines of sporting events for decades, these rugged Rubbermaid brand dispensers are a necessity when it comes to mixing up large quantities of Gatorade.

Our small and large Gatorade coolers are available in 1-gallon, 3-gallon, 5-gallon, 7-gallon and 10-gallon sizes, with the three larger sizes featuring a removable cup dispenser.

Whether you're outfitting a sports team or a work crew, Powder Mix Direct has all the Gatorade concentrates, coolers, paper disposable cups and accessories that youíll need.

Gatorade Mixing Instructions

Whether youíre using powder mix or liquid concentrate, check out our new Gatorade Mixing Guide. It features step-by-step instructions, detailed images and links to additional resources.

Although many suggest adding ice in sealed bags or containers, so as not to dilute the Gatorade, we think our way is better. In our opinion, itís the best way to mix Gatorade!