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Disposable Gatorade Cups

If your team loves Gatorade, show your pride and commitment with our official Gatorade cups. We have 12-oz, 7-oz and 5-oz disposable Gatorade cups with the official logo emblazoned across the cups. Buying Gatorade cups in bulk allows you to take advantage of our great prices and virtually unlimited supply. The 7-oz and 5-oz Gatorade cups slide easily into the official Gatorade cup dispenser, with the 12-oz cups fitting awesomely in a stack on a table or counter next to your Gatorade dispenser. These cups are made from 100 percent recyclable paper and come in easy-to-transport sleeves wrapped in plastic. We also carry single-use 6-oz white paper cone cups by the case or half-case.

Our wholesale Gatorade cups are affordable, durable and perfect for schools, businesses and agencies involved with the outdoors or that have people working in high temperatures. Shop around to find the size and style that fits your needs, or contact us for help finding exactly what you need.