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Gatorade G2 Powder Mix

Gatorade G2 features the same electrolyte blend as the original Gatorade Thirst Quencher, but with half the calories.

G2 is the ideal solution for those looking to restore the fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat, while limiting their carb intake. It’s made with a sugar and sucralose blend that’s refreshingly sweet without the artificial after-taste.

Powder Mix Direct offers Gatorade G2 powder in 6 gallon canisters and single serve sticks. The single serving packets are designed to be added to 20 oz of water, and while the canisters make a total of 6 gallons, they can also be used with a scoop to make lesser amounts if needed.

The 6 gallon canisters come in Fruit punch and Grape, while the G2 powder sticks are available in Fruit Punch, Grape and Glacier Freeze. Both products are also available as Variety Packs when purchasing by the case.

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Quick Tip

Although Gatorade’s G2 powder sticks can be added to bottled water, we also have reusable 20 oz Gatorade Squeeze Bottles available. These authentic Gatorade bottles are a smaller version of the ones seen on sidelines everywhere. They’re specifically designed to be used with single serve packets and feature a one way valve that requires no opening and closing - just squeeze and drink.

Often considered to be on-the-go products, single serve packs can also be used at events or on the worksite. They can be placed alongside a cooler of ice cold water, so that individuals can mix up whatever flavor they want, when they want, using their own sports bottle or thermos.

Fast Facts

It’s pretty well known that Gatorade was developed by a team of scientists at the University of Florida. However, an article on the university’s website gives a more complete story.

According to Robert Cade, the lead scientist, Gatorade was first tested on 10 freshmen football players. It was a scrimmage between these players and the Gators B team that caught the attention of head coach Ray Graves.

“At the end of the first half, the B team was ahead 13-0. They pushed the freshmen around pretty good,” Cade says. “In the third period, the freshmen, who had been given the solution, came out and began pushing the B team around. They scored two or three touchdowns in the third period and five or six more in the fourth period.”

The Gators had an upcoming game against heavily favored Louisiana State, and based on the results of the scrimmage, Graves asked Cade to make more. Working overtime, the team of scientists delivered.

The game was played in 102-degree heat, and while the Tigers faded in the fourth quarter, the Gators came from behind to defeat LSU.

Needless to say, Gatorade was on its way to becoming the go-to drink of the Gators, and it wasn’t long before it made its way to the sidelines of many more teams.