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Shop Powder Mix Direct for the largest selection of electrolyte drink mixes, coolers, cups, sports bottles and more. Whether youíre a supervisor, a coach or a mom, we have everything you need to keep your team cool, safe and productive. Click on a category name below to start shopping now!

Gatorade Pouches

When you need to provide Gatorade to a large group, our selection of powder pouches will help keep your costs to a minimum. Purchase 1 quart, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon or 6 gallon pouches individually or by the case.

Sqwincher Pouches

For those who prefer Sqwincherís lower sodium blend and selection of unique flavors, choose from 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon pouches, available in regular and sugar-free versions.

Single Serve Packs

Our single serve packs provide the ultimate in flexibility. Available in full sugar, reduced sugar and sugar free formats, these products are perfect for those times when you donít want to mix up a large batch. You can think of them as the k-cups of electrolyte drinks. Whether you prefer Gatorade, G2, Propel or Sqwincher, thereís a single serve product for you.

Gatorade Prime

Just as its name suggests, Gatorade Prime is meant to be consumed pre-workout. Its distinctive sugar blend is meant to ensure that your muscles have the glycogen needed to get off to a strong start.

Liquid Concentrate

Each gallon of liquid concentrate can be mixed with 5-gallons of water to make 6-gallons of ready-to-drink Gatorade. We also offer pumps that can be used to dispense single servings. Put a bottle of each flavor next to your water cooler and let everyone choose for themselves.

Flavored Milk

Flavored milk as an electrolyte drink? You bet! Milk naturally contains the sodium and potassium found in most sports drinks. And flavored milk made with True Dairy flavors has the carbs to protein ratio thatís been proven to be the best at restoring glycogen levels post workout.

Gatorade Chews

Gatorade chews offer a convenient way to prime pre-workout, and can also be consumed during strenuous activities to maintain proper fuel levels. Made with a blend of fast absorbing glucose and sucrose sugars, these chews are quickly converted to energy when you need it most.

Freezer Pops

Sqwincher Sqweeze freezer pops are extremely popular whenever it gets hot. Not only do they provide the electrolytes that your body craves, but their frozen format makes for a cooling treat. Available in both regular and sugar-free versions.

Coolers & More

Powder Mix Direct offers all the accessories you need to easily keep your crew hydrated. From Gatorade coolers of all sizes to cups and sports bottles, our vast selection of equipment compliments our full line of drink mixes.

Cooling Products

When it comes to properly combatting heat stress, cooling products should be used alongside hydration products whenever possible. Cooling towels, cooling bandanas and cooling vests from Ergodyne provide big relief at a small cost.

Powder Mix Direct is your online source for all the items you need to keep your team running strong!