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Weekly Special

Gatorade 1-Quart Pouches

A popular size with campers and hikers, in addition to everyday athletes.

Gatorade's combination of water, sugar, sodium and potassium is designed to replenish the carbohydrates lost through exertion, and replace the fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat.

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Gatorade Powder Mix 1 Quart Single Pouches 1-Quart Single Pouches

$0.80 per Pouch.

Weekly Special Price - $0.65

12/14/18 thru 12/20/18


At Powder Mix Direct, we believe that we can save our customers the most by offering every day low prices.

However, we'd also like to show our appreciation and introduce our valued customers to a variety of new products. That's why we've created our Weekly Specials page!

Be sure to check back often for our current promotion. Or if you'd prefer, just follow us on facebook where we'll be posting a new offer each week - www.facebook.com/MidpointInc

Best of all, there's NO Coupon Code Required!