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Gatorade G2 Pouches & Sticks

Gatorade’s G2 series powders provide the same electrolyte-boosting properties as traditional Gatorade but with less than half the calories and carbohydrates. This is the perfect rehydration solution for those in need of low-calorie recovery drinks that taste great and still contain everything necessary for peak performance. We have G2 powders in bulk with options for 2.5-gallon, 5-gallon, and individual G2 powder sticks with your favorite flavors, including fruit punch and grape. These packs are perfect for large teams or work crews in need of a fast way to rehydrate during long hours or competitions.

Our Gatorade G2 gallon pouches and powder sticks are delicious, packed with nutrients and affordable on any budget. Order our G2 powder in bulk to take advantage of our great prices and fast shipping, or contact us for help finding exactly what you need before you buy.

Available in Variety Packs exclusive to Powder Mix Direct.