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True Dairy Flavors - Cup Packs True Dairy Flavors - Cup Packs

$2.95 / 8 packs per Bag.

True Dairy Flavors - Pint Packs True Dairy Flavors - Pint Packs

$4.50 / 8 packs per Bag.

True Dairy Flavors - Pint Sampler True Dairy Flavors - Pint Sampler

$6.95 / 6 pint packs + shaker cup.


True Dairy Flavored Milk

There’s no denying the recuperative benefits of drinking milk. Milk is packed full of the essential nutrients the body needs to operate at peak performance. Now you can enjoy flavored milk any time with our selection of True Dairy drinks. We carry the best selection of True Dairy flavored milk powder in individual packets or by the pint. True Dairy makes the most delicious and protein-rich flavored milks in a wide range of unique flavors, including Banana Cream, Cotton Candy and Orange Dreamsicle. These post-exercise flavored milks are low in fat and naturally replenish lost electrolytes and amino acids that aid in muscle growth and repair.

True Dairy flavored milk is the perfect pre- and post-workout beverage for those looking for a delicious and nutritious way to stay fit. Shop our selection to order your favorite True Dairy flavors, and enjoy our great prices and fast shipping on all orders.

Flavored Milk: Nature's Sports Drink

Repeated studies have shown that flavored milk’s powerful nutrient package has numerous benefits for post-exercise and sports recovery:

1. Low-fat flavored milk’s three-to-one ratio of carbohydrate grams to protein grams has repeatedly proven to be the best ratio to restore glycogen levels post exercise.

2. Low-fat flavored milk naturally contains the sodium and potassium found in most electrolyte sports drinks, and has shown to be superior at maintaining positive fluid balances during recovery.

3. Low-fat flavored milk contains the optimal balance of fast-absorbing proteins such as whey protein, and slow-absorbing proteins such as casein. Fast-absorbing proteins add essential amino acids to the bloodstream promoting muscle growth and repair, while slow-absorbing proteins help maintain amino acid levels for many hours, reducing muscle breakdown.

Grab a pint post workout. Your body will thank you!

To learn more visit: www.TrueDairyFlavors.com.