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Gatorade G2 Powder Stick Full Cases G2 Powder Sticks - 8 Carton Cases

$33.65 / 64 packs per 8 Carton Case.

Gatorade G2 Powder Pack Half Cases G2 Powder Sticks - 4 Carton Cases

$17.95 / 32 packs per 4 Carton Case.

Gatorade G2 Powder Packet Single Cartons G2 Powder Sticks - Single Cartons

$4.75 / 8 packs per Carton.

Gatorade 20 oz Squeeze Bottles - 3 Pack Gatorade 20 oz Squeeze Bottles - 3 Pack

$9.95 / 3 bottles per 3-Pack.


Gatorade G2 Powder Sticks

If youíre looking for lower sugar electrolytes in a single serve packet, then Gatorade G2 powder sticks are for you. They feature the same optimal blend of electrolytes found in original Gatorade but contain only half the calories.

These powder sticks are designed to be added to approximately 20 oz of water for convenient hydration and electrolyte replenishment whenever itís needed. Choose from Fruit Punch, Grape and Glacier Freeze. And if you canít decide on a single flavor, we offer exclusive variety packs so you can try all three.

Sports bottles that never quit!

Our Gatorade G2 Powder Sticks work great with bottled water. But if you prefer using tap or filtered water, we have 20 oz sports bottles that we think youíll like. Theyíre custom made in California by Specialized Bottles and are designed to last a lifetime. Handcrafted with premium materials, they feature a traditional push-pull opening. These bottles are translucent in color so you can always see whatís on the inside and they sport our Never Quit motto on the outside.

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