Gatorade 1-Gallon Pouches

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    The Most Economical and Convenient Choice

    Our most popular size. In our opinion, 1-Gallon Gatorade Mix is the most economical and convenient choice.

    At $84.95 per Full Case, your cost per gallon is only $2.12!

    Choose from 4 popular flavors – Lemon Lime, Fruit Punch, Orange & Riptide Rush. And if you can’t decide on a single flavor, our exclusive Variety Packs let you sample all four.

    Since 1965, Gatorade has been replenishing and refueling in ways that plain water can’t. With water, sodium and potassium to replace the fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat, and easily digestible sugars to quickly restore energy levels, the original Thirst Quencher was designed to keep your players going strong - all day long.

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    Flavors Are an Important Part of the Hydration Equation

    When first developed by scientists at the University of Florida, the drink that would later become Gatorade had no added flavors. The main objective was to replace the fluids, electrolytes and sugars that were being lost during practices and games. To that end, initial formulations included only water, salt and sugar.

    Unfortunately, the combination of just these ingredients was pretty hard to swallow. The wife of lead scientist Robert Cade then suggested adding lemon juice, and Gatorade’s first flavor was born. Gatorade’s classic lemon lime flavor is still a favorite, but many more flavors have come and gone since.

    Although flavor may have initially been an afterthought, its importance shouldn’t be overlooked. Most people find it much easier to consume a flavored drink over just plain water. So, when you’re looking to keep your team properly hydrated, it’s helpful to determine what flavors they prefer.

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