Sqwincher Everlyte RTD Pouches

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    A Unique Ready-To-Drink Package

    Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Sqwincher Everlyte is now available in a convenient space-saving package. Each pouch contains 8 oz of professional-grade electrolytes and is perfect for those on-the-go.

    Unlike typical RTD bottles, Everlyte pouches take up less room in coolers, take less time to chill, and are easier to dispose of.

    Formerly known as Sqwincher Lite, reduced calorie Everlyte is made with 100% REAL sugar, and contains NO artificial sweeteners, NO artificial flavors, and NO artificial colors or dyes!

    Dehydration at High Altitudes

    Elevated temperatures and sustained physical exertion are obvious causes of dehydration. However, there are also some less obvious factors that should be considered too. One of those often overlooked factors is altitude.

    As altitudes increase oxygen levels decrease. To compensate, we tend to take quicker and deeper breaths when working at higher elevations. Since we exhale water vapors as we breathe, our increased efforts to inhale oxygen also results in an increase in water loss. In fact, studies have shown that at higher altitudes we can lose up to twice the amount of water as normal.

    Dehydration can have serious implications. Be sure to consider all elements of your work environment when determining hydration needs.

    Beat the Heat with Ergodyne's Chill-Its line of Cooling Towels & Bandanas

    When it comes to preventing heat exhaustion, ranging from heat cramps to heat stroke, there are two key strategies: stay hydrated and stay cool. For over 13 years, Powder Mix Direct has been your online source for electrolyte drink mixes and concentrates from Gatorade and Sqwincher.

    We're now proud to add Ergodyne's state of the art cooling products to our lineup. Cooling towels and cooling bandanas provide cost effective relief from high heat. The Chill-Its line features the latest in evaporative cooling technologies woven into lightweight, comfortable and rugged workwear.

    Shop Powder Mix Direct for the largest selection of electrolyte drink mixes and concentrates designed for high heat stress environments, along with cooling products designed to keep you comfortable, productive and safe!

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