G Zero 2.5-Gallon Pouches

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    G Zero is now available as a powder mix, and these 2.5-gallon pouches are perfect for use with our 3- & 5-gallon coolers. Whether you're mixing up a batch for your sports team or work crew, these easy-to-store pouches make it easy.

    Gatorade's sugar-free version features the same proven electrolyte blend that's been rehydrating and replenishing both amateur and professional athletes since 1965.

    And at $129.90 per full case, your cost per 8 oz serving is only 10 cents. Best of all, full cases of Gatorade Zero now ship FREE!

    Choose from Glacier Cherry, Glacier Freeze and Orange. Can't decide on a single flavor? Then get all three in one of our exclusive variety packs.

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    Gatorade vs Gatorade G2 vs Gatorade Zero

    Gatorade, Gatorade G2 and Gatorade Zero are all sports drinks currently produced by PepsiCo. Known for their ability to quickly rehydrate, they all feature the same blend of sodium and potassium designed to replenish the electrolytes lost through sweat. The main difference between the three lies in their sugar levels.

    Gatorade, the original Thirst Quencher, was developed in 1965 by a team of scientists at the University of Florida for use by the Gator football team. Although the main objective was rehydration, the original blend also featured a fair amount of added sugars meant to replace the carbs lost with exertion. Original Gatorade contains approximately 12g of sugar per 8 oz serving, added for the purpose of preventing glycogen depletion.

    In 2007, Gatorade G2 was introduced as a lower calorie alternative to the original. It contains half the amount of sugar and was designed for those engaging in less strenuous activities. Sweetened with a sugar and sucralose blend, it contains the same electrolytes found in the original Thirst Quencher.

    As sugar-free beverages gained in popularity, Gatorade Zero was eventually introduced in 2019. As its name suggests, it contains zero sugars and is instead sweetened entirely with sucralose. However, like lower sugar G2, G Zero also features the same proven electrolyte blend as the original. A favorite of the keto crowd, Gatorade Zero is ideal for those interested in removing all nonessential carbs from their diet.

    G, G2 and G Zero are all available in both ready-to-drink and powder forms. Which is best for you? We recommend basing your choice on the amount of physical effort exerted at the time of consumption. Original Gatorade is an ideal choice for those engaged in strenuous activities, whether athletic or work related; Gatorade G2 is best suited for those on low carb diets who aren’t at risk of glycogen depletion; and Gatorade Zero is great for anyone looking to maintain a proper level of hydration while limiting sugar intake.

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