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    All Natural Low Sugar Electrolytes

    Sqwincher EverLyte Sticks were formulated as a lower sugar option positioned between regular Sqwincher and Sqwincher Zero. They’re naturally sweetened, naturally flavored and they contain NO added colors or dyes!

    This low sugar electrolyte powder is designed to be used with 16.9 to 20 oz of water. Choose from Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemon Lime and Orange. And if you’d like to try all four, our exclusive variety packs were made with you in mind.

    Powder Mix Direct is your one stop shop for the electrolytes you’re looking for.

    Note: Sqwincher Lite was renamed EverLyte in 2019.

    What Sugar Level Is Best?

    Considering the fact that most sports drinks now come in reduced sugar and zero sugar versions, it’s natural to question what sugar level is best. When both Gatorade and Sqwincher were first developed in the 60’s and 70’s, the main focus was on rehydrating and refueling athletes. Since athletes, such as football players, expend a considerable amount of energy during a game or practice, adequate amounts of simple sugars were added to prevent glycogen depletion.

    These sports drinks eventually became popular with a broader group of non-athletes who were primarily interested in restoring the electrolytes lost in sweat. Some of these consumers, however, didn’t have the same energy demands as the endurance athletes that these drinks were originally designed for. Hence, lower and no sugar versions were developed to suit this market.

    Bottom line, the sugar level should be selected based on the amount of physical effort that’s being exerted at the time the drink is consumed. For those who are working hard, the original version is usually a safe bet. For those who are sweating mostly due to high heat rather than a high level of exertion, the lower sugar version is a good choice. And for those who are cautious about adding any sugar to their diets but still want a good tasting electrolyte source, the zero-sugar version is the obvious choice.

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