Sqwincher Zero 2.5-Gallon Pouches

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    Economical Electrolytes Without the Sugar

    Sqwincher Zero provides the great taste you expect from Sqwincher without ANY Calories or Sugar... ZERO!

    This sugar-free electrolyte mix is available in Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemon Lime, Orange and Variety Packs exclusive to Powder Mix Direct.

    Save the most on your Sqwincher purchases with these 2.5-gallon Sqwincher Zero Packets and enjoy Free Shipping on all Sqwincher Zero Full Cases!

    B2B is Our Specialty

    Since 2009, Powder Mix Direct has been a national distributor of Gatorade and Sqwincher products in both the B2C and B2B markets. And although we treat the smallest orders with the same importance as the largest, we’re particularly proud of the many relationships that we’ve built with businesses of all sizes.

    We understand that as a buyer you need to have confidence in your suppliers. We take this seriously, and that’s why we treat all of our customers as long term partners. At Powder Mix Direct, your complete satisfaction is always our top priority.

    Dehydration Defined

    Dehydration is defined as a 1% decrease in body mass due to fluid loss. On an average day, adults will typically lose 2.5 liters or 84 ounces of water due to normal bodily functions like breathing, urination and perspiration. Most will replace this lost water via the foods and beverages that they consume as part of their daily diets.

    However, especially on hot days, it’s easy to see how dehydration can occur. If you’re sweating more than normal, than you need to be drinking more than normal, otherwise you’re becoming dehydrated.

    Extreme activities in hot environments can cause weight loss in excess of 5 pounds per hour, mostly the result of lost water. For a 200 pound person, this equates to a 2.5% decrease in body mass. Although still considered mild, even this level of dehydration can decrease performance levels by up to 50%.

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