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    An Optimal Blend of Glucose and Sucrose for Rapid Absorption

    With 50 plus years of experience in fueling elite athletes, it was only natural for Gatorade to bring its expertise to the energy chew market. Featuring an optimal blend of glucose and sucrose, the sugars in Gatorade chews are rapidly absorbed to provide energy in a hurry.

    Although energy chews are a staple with endurance athletes, they’re also a popular choice for those who prefer to get their electrolyte and carb fix in a chewable form while drinking plain water. Whether you throw some in your gym bag or your toolbox, they’ll be there for those times when you feel like you’ve hit a wall.

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    What Is Bonking?

    Bonking is a familiar term to those who participate in endurance sports. Also known as hitting the wall, it’s the point at which glycogen depletion results in a sudden loss of energy. Since reaching this point during an event can lead to a drastic drop in performance, steps are usually taken to avoid it.

    The first approach to reducing one’s risk of bonking involves carb loading. Extra amounts of complex carbohydrates are consumed in the days leading up to an event in order to maximize initial glycogen levels. Depending on the length and intensity of the activity, this approach alone may suffice.

    The second approach consists of consuming simple carbohydrates during the event itself. If the length and intensity of the activity are great enough, glycogen levels will need to be maintained throughout the event as initial levels are depleted. This is best accomplished with energy drinks, gels and chews. It’s been reported that cyclists in the Tour de France consume half of their daily calories while on their bikes.

    Bonking, however, is not limited to endurance athletes. Workers with physically demanding jobs will experience similar effects after several hours. It’s therefore important to consider the type of electrolyte products that are provided to these employees. Although there’s been a recent emphasis placed on reducing sugar intake, there are still times when it’s not only beneficial, but also necessary to consume simple carbohydrates in order to maintain alertness.

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