Sqwincher Zero Fast Packs

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    No Cups Needed

    The ultimate in convenience - the package is your cup. Just add 6 oz of water. No stirring necessary.

    These single-serve pouches keep your team hydrated while reducing waste. Not only do they eliminate the need for cups, but their smaller serving size ensures that they'll be consumed on the spot, and not set down to warm in the sun!

    Their formulation contains the same electrolyte blend as traditional Sqwincher products, (higher in potassium and lower in sodium), but with No Calories and No Sugar!

    Choose from Fruit Punch, Orange and Variety Packs exclusive to Powder Mix Direct.

    Always Fresh | Always Fast

    At Powder Mix Direct, we adjust our inventory levels based on seasonal demands, we utilize just-in-time inventory practices and we receive weekly shipments direct from the factory. It’s our way of ensuring that our customers receive the freshest products possible.

    Once received, we typically process all orders in 24 to 48 hours, and our centrally located warehouse means shorter transit times. In the event that an item's on backorder, we'll touch base to let you know and to discuss possible alternatives. We know your crew is depending on you, so it's important that you can depend on us.

    Record Heat Waves

    The summer of 2022 promises to be another hot one. For reference, we checked Wikipedia for record heat waves and this is what we found:

    Most consecutive days above 100° F: 160 days; Marble Bar, Western Australia from October 31, 1923 through April 7, 1924.

    Most consecutive days above 110° F: 84 days; Death Valley, California from June 14, 1917 through September 5, 1917.

    Most consecutive days above 120° F: 43 days; Death Valley, California from July 6, 1917 through August 17, 1917.

    Highest average monthly temperature: 108.1° F; Death Valley, California July 2018.

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