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    Single-Serve G Zero for Those on the Go

    Gatorade Zero is now available in convenient single-serve sticks. Sugar-free G Zero packs are designed for those on the go. Simply add to a 20 oz bottle of water.

    Featuring the same electrolyte blend found in the original Thirst Quencher, Gatorade Zero is an ideal electrolyte solution for those interested in maintaining a ketosis state.

    Purchase by the case, half case or single carton. Available in six refreshing flavors and variety packs exclusive to Powder Mix Direct.

    And if you're interested in eliminating single-use plastics from landfills, while eliminating sugars from your diet, then grab yourself some of our official 20 oz Gatorade squeeze bottles. They're BPA free, dishwasher safe and designed for use with our large assortment of single-serve packets.

    600g vs 3g

    What weighs 600g? A 20oz ready-to-drink bottle of Gatorade Zero.

    What weighs 3g? A single-serve powder stick designed to make 20oz of Gatorade Zero.

    That’s right, a ready-to-drink bottle of G Zero weighs 200 times as much as a single-serve G Zero powder stick.

    So why does this matter? Well, for starters, it exemplifies how convenient G Zero powder is. Whether you’re planning a hike or an extended bike ride, it’s easy to take along the electrolytes you need without the burden of extra weight. They’re also a perfect fit for your gym bag, tool box, or glove box, for on-the-go hydration whenever, wherever.

    Gatorade Zero powder provides numerous environmental benefits as well. The reduction in single-use plastic is an obvious one. However, an often-overlooked benefit is the reduced carbon footprint associated with sugar-free powder mixes in general. Since they weigh only a fraction of ready-to-drink products, and occupy a similar fraction of space, the carbon emitted from transportation of these products is also drastically reduced. A true win-win!

    Single-Serve Packets – A Great Option in the Age of COVID-19

    As restaurants reopen, many are opting to provide condiments in the form of single-serve packets as opposed to shared bottles placed on tables.

    Similarly, many teams and work crews are opting to provide single-serve powder sticks as part of their hydration strategy. Not only do they reduce the use of shared coolers, but they also allow members to choose flavors on an individual basis.

    And when it comes to single-serve electrolytes, we have the largest selection on the internet. Powder Mix Direct – your one-stop-shop for all your hydration needs.

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