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    The Package That Doubles as a Cup

    Sqwincher single-serve Fast Packs are the ultimate in convenience. Each pouch contains liquid concentrate and doubles as a cup. Just add 6 oz of water and drink straight from the package. No stirring required.

    When it’s hot, many workers prefer to drink smaller servings more frequently, and these fast packs make that possible. Set some out next to a cooler of ice-cold water and you have a hydration station that will keep your team going strong all day long.

    Best of all, Sqwincher Fast Packs come in 10 unique and refreshing flavors. Variety is the spice of life, and mixing things up will ensure that your crew stays interested enough to keep drinking the fluids they need.

    Coupon Codes

    At Powder Mix Direct, we feel that offering everyday low prices is much easier than keeping track of a bunch of random codes. Although we offer weekly specials, there’s no need to enter a cryptic sequence at checkout. When available, all discounts are applied automatically.

    It’s just one more way that we try to provide the best customer experience possible.

    Feeling Thirsty Isn’t the Only Sign of Dehydration

    It’s estimated that 75% of American adults are at least mildly dehydrated on a daily basis. The consequences of dehydration can range from simple mood changes and lost productivity to serious illnesses and even fatal accidents.

    In addition to thirst, here are six signs to be on the lookout for:

    Headaches are often the result of dehydration. However, they can usually be remedied in as little 30 minutes by simply drinking water.

    Urine color is probably the simplest way to monitor hydration levels. Clear to light colored urine is a sign of proper hydration, but urine tends to darken with increased dehydration.

    Heavy sweating is a sign that you’re losing fluids and should serve as a reminder to rehydrate.

    Bad breath is a lesser-known indicator, but a decrease in saliva production can lead to a rise in bacteria levels in your mouth.

    Food cravings can sometimes be the result of the liver’s inability to produce glycogen due to dehydration.

    An inability to focus is another tell-tale sign of dehydration. The brain requires proper hydration to function and difficulty concentrating can often be the result of a fluid imbalance.

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