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    Propel Now Contains the Same Electrolytes Found in Gatorade

    Originally developed as a vitamin water, Propel now contains the same electrolytes found in Gatorade.

    Having zero calories, Propel drink mix can be considered a sugar free version of Gatorade, with the added benefits of Vitamins B, C & E.

    Propel is an ideal solution for those looking to replenish the fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat without adding to their carb intake.

    Available in 9 popular flavors, these single serving packets make it easy to stay hydrated when you’re on the go. By adding a little flavor to a plain bottle of water, you’re much more likely to consume the full amount of fluids that your body needs. Best of all, there’s zero calories!

    Powder Mix Direct offers Propel powder by the carton, half case (6 cartons) and full case (12 cartons). Each carton contains 10 single serve sticks designed to be added to a 16.9 oz (500 ml) bottle of water. Like the ready to drink version, Propel made from powder is a colorless drink.

    Choose from Berry, Black Cherry, Grape, Kiwi Strawberry, Lemon, Lemon Blackberry, Orange Raspberry, Raspberry Lemonade and Watermelon. Or try them all by selecting our exclusive Variety Pack when purchasing a full case.

    When it comes to Propel powder, we’re always ready to deliver!

    Take Your Bottled Water to a New Level

    While vitamin waters such as Propel don’t possess magical healing powers, the vitamins they contain are part of a healthy diet.

    For starters, Propel contains Vitamins C and E, both known as antioxidants. It’s the opinion of many scientists that unstable molecules called free radicals contribute to the ageing process by causing cellular damage. However, it’s also believed that antioxidants, such as Vitamins C and E, help to limit the damage that these free radicals cause.

    Additionally, Propel contains Vitamins B3, B5, B6 & B12. The B Vitamins are known for improving energy levels as well as brain function. They also support the growth of red blood cells.

    With the recent addition of Sodium and Potassium, Propel now features the electrolytes of a sports drink too.

    Propel powder mix can take your next bottle of water to an entirely new level, without adding any calories to your diet!

    Quick Tip

    At Powder Mix Direct we try to hand inspect all of our products prior to shipment. However, we can’t look inside individual cartons, and sometimes you may find a packet or two that appears to have hardened. Fear not, we’re here to help.

    When humidity penetrates the film that these products are packaged in, the powder inside sometimes solidifies. However, this can easily be reversed. Prior to opening a hardened packet, just smack it several times with something like the back of a table spoon or the handle of a butter knife. Don’t worry about damaging the packaging, it can take a fair amount of abuse. The solidified powder will break up, and when opened it will once again pour and dissolve freely.

    We drink plenty of these products at our warehouse, and we sometimes have to use this same technique ourselves.

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