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    If you're looking for a sugar-free electrolyte drink mix, in a convenient single-serve package, then Sqwincher Zero Qwik Stiks are sure to please. Sqwincher Zero is formulated with the same electrolyte blend found in the original Sqwincher, minus the sugar and minus the calories. Zero.

    Now available in 2 sizes. Each 20 oz single-serve Qwik Stik makes 20 oz and is available in 10 flavors. Each 10 oz single-serve Qwik Stik makes 10 oz and is available in 6 flavors.

    Best of all, there's Free Shipping on all Sqwincher Zero Full Cases!

    The Case for Re-Usable Water Bottles

    Before purchasing your next case of bottled water, you should consider one simple fact. Even when purchased in bulk, the average cost of single serve bottled water is more than $1 per gallon. And if you're purchasing bottled water at a convenient store, you're more likely paying well in excess of $5 per gallon. On the other hand, tap water costs less than 1 cent per gallon!

    Americans currently spend $100 billion per year on bottled water, with each person consuming roughly 39 gallons of it annually. And although taste is often reported as a main reason for its popularity, a 2011 study by Boston University found that only a third of blind taste testers could correctly identify tap water vs bottled water.

    By now, most people are aware of the environmental impact posed by disposable plastic packaging. And although manufacturers continue to minimize the amount of plastic used in single serve bottles, most still find their way to landfills despite increased recycling efforts. According to Business Insider "for every six water bottles Americans use, only one makes it to the recycle bin."

    Single serve bottled water is obviously a convenient choice for those on the go. However, a similar convenience can be obtained by purchasing six or more reusable bottles and filling them from the tap once per week. Best of all, inexpensive models can pay for themselves in a matter of a few weeks!

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