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    Trusted by Professional Sports Teams Because It Works

    Developed in 1965 by a team of scientists at the University of Florida, Gatorade Thirst Quencher has become a multi-billion-dollar brand. Gatorade Powder Mix and Concentrate is trusted by professional sports teams everywhere for one simple reason - it works!

    Gatorade's combination of water, sugar, sodium and potassium is designed to replenish the carbohydrates lost through exertion, and replace the fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat.

    The Gatorade Sports Science Institute, founded in 1985, continues to work with elite athletes to ensure that their products are capable of optimizing performance at the highest levels of competition. But you don’t need to be Michael Jordan to benefit from all the research. Gatorade Powder Mix and Concentrate has an ability to rehydrate and refuel and can boost productivity wherever there’s a high level of physical exertion. From factory floors to construction sites, Gatorade is designed for those who sweat.

    Powder Mix Direct features a complete line of Gatorade products including powder drink mixes in assorted sizes and flavors, liquid concentrates, equipment and accessories. When you need to hydrate a group, we have 1-gallon, 2.5-gallon and 6-gallon powder pouches. For those looking for a little more flexibility, we also offer single serving options that can be added to 20 oz or 32 oz of water as needed. And we even carry the same bright orange coolers, cups, squeeze bottles and Gatorade towels seen in Major League dugouts and on NFL sidelines.

    How Gatorade Came to Be

    What seems obvious now wasn’t so obvious in 1965. In the spring of that year, an assistant Florida Gator football coach began questioning the amount of weight that was being loss by players during practices and games. The coach, Dwayne Douglas, who had played in the NFL himself, turned to a University of Florida kidney specialist named Robert Cade.

    Cade observed that as the players lost weight through sweat they also lost strength and endurance. He speculated that the loss of electrolytes through sweat was upsetting the body’s delicate chemical balance and was thus having a negative impact on performance.

    With the approval of head coach Ray Graves, Cade and some colleagues tested his theory on a handful of freshman players. The results were very revealing. Following an extended practice, not only were the players’ electrolytes out of balance, but their blood sugars and total blood volumes were also low.

    Based on the results of their studies, Cade and his team set out to find a solution, and in the process they developed Gatorade.

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