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    The Fastest Growing Category of Electrolytes

    Freezer Pops are meant to cool as well as hydrate, and are popular with both workers and athletes alike.

    Regular and Sugar-Free frozen treats from All Sport, Powerade and Sqwincher.

    Featuring the same electrolyte blends as found in the most popular sports drinks.

    Choose from full cases or single bags, ready for immediate shipment from our centrally located warehouse.

    What is the heat index?

    The heat index is one of those figures that’s often recited but rarely explained. With that said, let’s take a look at how it’s calculated and why it’s important.

    You’ve probably heard many times “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” Well it’s actually both, and the heat index is a combination of these two values. As a quick example, to the human body 82° F at 90% relative humidity feels the same as 90° F at 40% relative humidity. In this example the heat index is calculated as 91° F for both cases.

    Why do these two different combinations of temperature and humidity feel the same? It’s due to your body’s cooling process. When you sweat, it’s the evaporation of your perspiration that cools you. However, the rate of evaporation decreases as humidity levels increase. Therefore, your body has a harder time cooling itself in a humid environment. As a result, you feel hotter as the humidity increases, even if the air temperature remains the same.

    New Personal Cooling Products

    When it comes to combatting heat stress, your best bet is to stay hydrated and to keep cool. However, since you can’t easily air condition the outside, keeping cool can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve added personal cooling products to our product line up.

    Ergodyne’s Chill-Its line of cooling towels and bandanas provide comforting relief from the high heat. Featuring the latest in evaporative cooling technologies, these cost effective products pay for themselves by reducing productivity drops when the days get hot.

    Powder Mix Direct has everything you need to beat the heat!

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