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    Gatorade Cups in 3 Sizes

    If you've ever been to a marathon, then you're very familiar with Gatorade cups; they're everywhere!

    These easily recognized disposable cups are available in 12-oz, 7-oz and 5-oz sizes.

    If you're organizing a large sporting event, we have all the cases you'll need. And if you're in need of Gatorade cups for a smaller group, we also offer half case and quarter case options.

    Powder Mix Direct features a complete selection of Gatorade products, ready for same-day shipment from our centrally located warehouse.

    Marathon FAQ’s

    Since Gatorade cups are usually associated with marathons, we thought it would be fun to search for the most frequently asked questions about these races. Here are a few of the more interesting ones that we found.

    Can marathon runners listen to music?

    In 2008, USA Track & Field lifted its ban on headphones for those runners not competing in championships. However, most race directors still discourage their use, and some continue to ban them for safety reasons.

    Which marathon has the highest prize money?

    The Dubai marathon pays $200,000 to the top male and female finishers, with a bonus of $100,000 if a world record is broken. The Boston marathon has top purses of $150,000, second place prizes of $75,000 and a total prize purse of $850,000!

    Which marathon did Oprah run in?

    In 1994, Oprah Winfrey completed the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC in 4 hours and 29 minutes. She wore number 40 to match her age, fulfilling a promise she made to herself 8 years earlier.

    Why is a marathon 26.2 miles?

    The first official marathon took place in Athens at the 1896 Olympics. The race was inspired by the legend of a Greek messenger who ran from Marathon to Athens with details of an important battle. Upon delivering the news, the messenger collapsed and died from exhaustion. To commemorate his effort, the course was set at 40 kilometers, the approximate distance that he ran.

    For the next two Olympics, the marathon was kept to 40 kilometers or approximately 25 miles. However, the course at the 1908 Olympics was extended so that the race could start on the lawn of Windsor Castle, allegedly as a nod to the royal family. The distance from that London starting point to the Olympic stadium finish line was 26.2 miles. Although it was an odd distance, it somehow stuck and was formally made the official distance in 1921.

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