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    Cooling Towels and Bandanas to Keep Your Crew Alert, Productive & Safe!

    The first sign of heat exhaustion is usually a loss of mental focus. Although less serious than other heat illnesses, such as cramps and heat strokes, a reduced ability to focus often leads to an increase in workplace injuries, along with a decrease in overall productivity.

    Fortunately, the effects of heat stress can be effectively countered with proper hydration and the use of personal cooling products. Powder Mix Direct is proud to feature Ergodyne Chill-Its evaporative cooling products.

    Headquartered in St Paul, Minnesota, Ergoydne was founded in 1983 with a single product – the ProFlex back support. They’ve gone on to add many more products since those early days, including their innovative Chill-Its line. Suffice it to say, Ergodyne is passionate about what they do, and they know a thing or two about keeping workers safe.

    Their evaporative cooling bandanas and towels feature high tech materials, such as hyper-evaporative Poly Vinyl Acetal (PVA). PVA products are residue free and machine washable. Easily activated, they remain dry to the touch and provide hours of comfortable cooling relief.

    An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

    Although the costs of heat related injuries, accidents and errors can be high, the cost of prevention is relatively low. When made in bulk, rehydrating electrolyte drinks cost less than 10 cents per serving, and personal cooling products such as Chill-Its towels cost less than $4 per unit. Best of all, Ergodyne’s cooling products can be washed and reused many times.

    Productivity Drops When Temperatures Rise

    Heat stress, a condition where the body is unable to maintain a healthy temperature, begins to have an effect on worker productivity with temperatures as low as 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When combined with the fact that most people start the day in a dehydrated state (an estimated 80 percent of the U.S. population), heat stress has become a major contributing factor in preventable accidents and work-related injuries.

    A performance study by NASA using telegraph key operators produced the following results:

    At 80 degrees F, operators made up to five errors in an hour and 19 errors in three hours.

    At 90 degrees F, operators made up to nine errors in an hour and 27 errors in three hours.

    At 95 degrees F, errors went up to 60 in one hour and 138 in three hours.

    Although errors made by telegraph key operators may not be critical, employees exposed to similar heat levels will produce a proportional amount of errors, regardless of the task.

    Beat the Heat with Powder Mix Direct to increase productivity and reduce workplace injuries!

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