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Gatorade Powder Mix Pouches & Canisters

For over 50 years Gatorade Thirst Quencher has been hydrating both athletes and workers in ways that water can't. With its time tested formula of water, sugar, sodium and potassium, Gatorade powder mix pouches replenish the carbs lost through exertion, and replace the fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat.

Powder Mix Direct offers original Gatorade powder in 1-quart, 1-gallon, 2.5-gallon and 6-gallon pouches. We also offer lower calorie G2 powder in 6-gallon canisters.

Choose from full cases, half cases and single pouches & canisters. Our always fresh inventory of Gatorade powder mix pouches is ready for immediate shipment from our centrally located warehouse.

If youd like to purchase by the case but cant settle on a flavor, give one of our Variety Packs a try. We make them in-house and you wont find them anywhere else.

Powder Mix Direct the most trusted name in hydration for over 10 years! See our helpful Gatorade FAQs below:

Gatorade Powder Questions & Answers

Is Gatorade powder the same as liquid Gatorade?

Gatorade made from powder has the same electrolytes as premixed liquid Gatorade. Both versions contain the same amount of sugars and calories. When mixed at the proper ratio, the taste of Gatorade made from powder vs bottled Gatorade is also the same.

What is the proper Gatorade powder to water ratio?

The proper ratio of Gatorade powder mix to water is 1 2/3 Tbsp of powder to 12 oz of water, 2 1/4 Tbsp to 16 oz of water, 2 3/4 Tbsp to 20 oz of water and 4 1/2 Tbsp to 32 oz of water.

Does Gatorade powder have caffeine?

No, Gatorade powder mix does not contain caffeine. The primary ingredients in Gatorade powder mix are sugar, dextrose, citric acid, salt, natural and artificial flavor, sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, calcium silicate, modified food starch and artificial color. Each 12 oz serving contains 80 calories.

Is Gatorade powder gluten free?

Yes, Gatorade powder is considered a gluten-free product since it does not contain any ingredients derived from grains linked to gluten sensitivity, such as wheat, rye and barley. It is therefore an acceptable option for those interested in maintaining a gluten-free diet.

Is Gatorade powder Kosher?

Yes, Gatorade powder is a Kosher product. All Gatorade powder packages feature the Orthodox Union certified kosher symbol, known by its U in a circle appearance. Gatorade products undergo regular inspections to ensure that all ingredients, formulas and processes comply with kosher manufacturing guidelines.

Is Gatorade powder vegan?

Yes, Gatorade powder is considered a vegan product since it does not contain any ingredients derived from meat, dairy or eggs. Gatorade is listed as a vegan beverage on PETAs website and it is also Kosher certified, making it an acceptable drink choice for vegans.