Gatorade vs Sqwincher Product Comparison

Per 8 oz Serving:

Product Cal Sugar (g) Sd'm (mg) Pt'm (mg) Vit C (% DV)
Gatorade 50 14 100 30 0
G2 20 5 100 30 0
Gatorlyte 21 5 199 142 0
Propel Zero 0 0 100 30 20
Sqwincher 60 16 55 45 0
Sqwincher EverLyte 40 10 55 45 0
Sqwincher Zero 0 0 55 45 100
All Sport 67 15 57 60 40
All Sport Zero 0 0 60 67 47
All Sport Elite 10 2 200 143 40


1. Fat = 0g for all products.

2. Protein = 0g for all products.

3. Sugar grams = Carb grams for all products.

4. For reference, an 8 oz serving of Orange Juice contains 110 calories and 21g of sugar.

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Gatorade was developed in 1965 at the University of Florida for use by its football team. Sqwincher was later developed in 1975, and All Sport in 1994, to compete with Gatorade as alternative electrolyte sports drinks. The original versions of all three feature a combination of water, sugar, sodium and potassium, designed to replenish the carbohydrates lost through exertion, and replace the fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat.

The main difference between them is the ratio of sodium to potassium as shown in the chart above. All now offer low sugar and zero sugar options also. Additional features for each product are noted below.

Gatorade - the original Thirst Quencher.

G2 - Gatorade's low sugar option. The same electrolyte formula found in Gatorade, with half the calories.

Gatorlyte - Gatorade’s premium electrolyte mix, featuring magnesium, calcium and chloride, in addition to sodium and potassium. Low in carbs, it’s sweetened with a sugar and stevia mix.

Propel - Gatorade's zero sugar option. Originally developed as a vitamin water, it has the added benefits of Vitamins B, C & E.

Sqwincher - marketed as professional grade hydration, its primary market is high heat workplaces.

Sqwincher EverLyte - naturally sweetened, naturally flavored and NO added colors. Note: Sqwincher Lite was renamed EverLyte in 2019.

Sqwincher Zero - Sqwincher's zero sugar option, with 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C per serving.

All Sport - Marketed as not just a thirst quencher, but a Full Body Quencher, All Sport features a balanced mix of electrolytes, along with Vitamin C.

All Sport Zero - All Sport’s zero sugar option, featuring a unique selection of flavors, including Peach Mango, Skittles and Pineapple Coconut.

All Sport Elite - All Sport’s premium electrolyte mix. Its high level of electrolytes and added vitamins are suited for those in need of extra help with recovery.

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